Saturday, March 19, 2011

A poem deticated to Clyde.

The Hellbeast, weary of travel, was captured as fast as the eye could see,

Bound by no chains or shackles, but he could not go free,

The One in Solitude laughed and sang, as a sick joy ran through his mind,

He tortured the Hellbeast, with childish delight, the dog's body left behind.

The Shattered , Rotten and Core bound One, came to slay the killer,

As he screamed, through the land, his scream was quite the chiller.

Let us put down our weapons and kneel on knee, look towards the sky,

"To the great Hellbeast, with all good wishes, we all wish you goodbye."


Something I thought about after hearing the new of Clyde's death. I'm literally trying to prevent myself from bawling in sadness. Rest in peace, Clyde. -Liam.

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