Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comin' To Texas

I'm going to Texas to kill Morningstar's troops. I might not be back. Wish me luck.-Liam.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I, the higher man said

Watch what you say, Liam, or they'll be calling you a radical.

A liberal.

Fanatical, criminal!

-A Mystery.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Past Months

I've been thinking about just trying to find some saferoom, some isolated place to escape from this fucking thing. I envy the fucking rich boys and gals who fucking brag about their yachts and shit. Reminds me of when I was back in high school and shit, walking by the crowds of girls, gossiping about music artists and shit, and the cocky ass kids, too. It was simpler. Much simpler than having a fucking eldritch abomination staring you the fuck down each night. I'm thinking about finding everyone, trying to form together a small bundle of people, Runners, Fighters, shit like that, and run together, be happy that we actually have family other than some creepy, faceless fucking uncle.

This is Liam, signing out. -Liam

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back again.

Johnny and I over the months or so were captured by Slendershit. Not.  Fun. I remember seeing the Operator Symbol, and a migraine every day. Slendy himself watched me, even when I broke out using a plank in the shed, and I ran for nearly miles back to Boston. It was probably in Springfield, near the woods. It was one hell of a camp. I saw hung bodies, with names written on trees. I only recognized a few. "DANIEL", "STEPHEN", "VERONICA", all of them written crudley onto the sides. I hope will can all speak later. Bye for now. -Liam.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christ, It's 1 and I'm covered in proxy blood!
More details will be had later, my friends. -Liam.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Surprise, Johnathan. Happy birthday.

Why'd you have to run away? He loved you, I loved you.

It's sad that your with him, that snob, the downsman. He knew all the time you'd betray us. especially with that Canadian git.

Remember: 73 32 119 111 110 39 116 32 108 101 97 118 101 32 121 111 117

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me and Johnny went out on a date last night. Went to the Barking Crab. Talked about everything from Deadpool being Slendy to anything else. We went back drunk and full. I had a dream. I was ten again, Johnny was too, in Sherwood Park, maybe?

We walked around, before Johnny spotted a bench for us to eat at. Slendershit was there as well, he grabbed us and...I don't know how but he hung us by our stomachs on branches of what seemed to be 50 or something feet long trees....And literally stretched us out until my finger tips reached the ground. My sides were tearing, as well as my spine before I woke up in the bed, scared out of my wits.

I'll see you all later. -Liam.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let it Ride.

Thinking about taking Johnny out for a date.

Why? Well, listen to this. One night, me and Johnny got drunk, discussed our feelings and's the tl;dr.

Me and Johnny love each other. There. I said it.
We'll still fight proxies and stuff. Just a little more talk about other things from now.

Goodnight. -Liam.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I realized it.

I'm not a fucking obstacle in It's plan. I'm just a dumbass who decided to fight.

I'll die one day, and it'll be sure soon.

So, hey, for all you beyond the Borderline, keep It, The Slender man, whatever you want to call it, out of your head and home. Goodnight. -Liam.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A poem deticated to Clyde.

The Hellbeast, weary of travel, was captured as fast as the eye could see,

Bound by no chains or shackles, but he could not go free,

The One in Solitude laughed and sang, as a sick joy ran through his mind,

He tortured the Hellbeast, with childish delight, the dog's body left behind.

The Shattered , Rotten and Core bound One, came to slay the killer,

As he screamed, through the land, his scream was quite the chiller.

Let us put down our weapons and kneel on knee, look towards the sky,

"To the great Hellbeast, with all good wishes, we all wish you goodbye."


Something I thought about after hearing the new of Clyde's death. I'm literally trying to prevent myself from bawling in sadness. Rest in peace, Clyde. -Liam.
Clyde's dead. And I want to meet Al(x)ne. Mostly so I can cave his skull in with Johnny. Heading to meet Pete. See you later. -Liam.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making some Molotov cocktails for tonight. Gonna spray down any proxies nearby The Ruins. Wish me luck. -Liam.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This is a good week..

 Johnny and I've got back together, we've talked a lot about nerdy properties, and we killed proxies.

Clyde's summoned me, so I'm heading for the The Ruins. Shit's going to be fun. I'll see you all later.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finally....I'm free from his custody. I gave him a cure sample, gonna bring him to my hotel room. Hope you kids have yourself a nice time. - Liam.

Friday, March 4, 2011

secret unkept

you all found out. it's johnathan. i liked the name pete, and the idea of being a butcher among the slaughter. but you just had to ruin my fun.

in other new, cynthia came today to say hi to liam. she gave him a nice hug. he's shivering now. he's scared. if you want to hear him squeal, go ahead:


i hope that bit helped you understand that he's so happy without you all.

signed, johnny.


i have liam now. he's screaming a lot. he swears a lot too. he's a baaaaaaaaaad boy.

the Master doesn't want him harmed. he recognizes me. his same old friend under a new name.

you haven't heard anything yet, runners. nothing.

signed, butcher pete

Thursday, March 3, 2011


chop chop chop

i stand from the midst of the fields, chopping at the flesh of the lambs

they are fresh. soft. tender.

remember, downsman? the fire? it was so beautiful. it would've warmed you. just like the heart of the Master. but you rejected him. a wrong move.

i see you as i type. you are walking towards me. you yell a lot.

sweet dreams, downsman.

the master waits.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just to kick a guy in the head.

Yes. Yggdrasil fucking left for Slendershit. Right after I saved him from a horde of Proxies. I guess I should thank Slice too, he kicked some ass alright. But yet again, Yggdrasil left me for the murderer of my best friend. I shouldn't even have to comment on the outrageous bullshit of that decision 

Just remember this Yggdrasil, one day, I'm going to murder you with my bare damn hands. And the world will laugh with me. - Liam.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh goddamnit!

Proxies everywhere. Outside, inside,  banging on the fucking doors....Yggdrasil's unconscious, time to start a bloody massacre.....

I'll see you guys when I turn these bitches into pasta salad. -Liam.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well this is just amazing.

Recently made myself home in an hotel room, for the 11th fucking time. This is getting quite tedious, but yet I can't stop it or else I'll end up dead.

But now some more interesting things.

Yggdrasil had a nap earlier. I decided to listen to music when Slendertwat showed up to talk to me. Below is a transcript of my talk with him.

SM: ...

Me: Speak you dipshit.

SM: Youarenotbeingpolite,downsman.

Me: So now we have some nicknames.

SM: Whyareyousorude,downsman.

Me: Just...Stop. Can we please just call each other by our names.

SM: Whateveryouwish.

Me: So why talk to me? And why now?

SM: Becauseyouseektruth.TruthaboutJohnathan.

Me: Yes. For one, why'd you try to convert him?

SM: Becausehewouldendyouquicker.Youwouldnotmeetthehatchling.

Me: Wow. You can totally see that you failed terribly.

SM: Silence. Aslongasheiswithyou,youarestillatarget.Youkeephimstable.

Me: Okay.

SM: Ifhelostmemories,hewouldbemoreeasytoacsess.

Me: So now you're treating him like a fucking computer.

SM: Inaway, downsman.

Me: And you gave him tentacles of doom, why?

SM: Thesameyouaredoingtomyminions.

Me: Of course. To murder us Runners and Fighters.

SM: Youlearnquick,downsman. Cynthiaenjoysyou.

Me: I want to punch you so goddamn badly.

SM: Itwouldbeuseless. Unlessitwastorelievestress.

Me: Okay, I just want to ask you something. What are your plans for me?

SM: Toendyou. Simpleasthat. Oncethepreyaregone,Iwillreturntoclaimtheearth'sremaindersasmyown. Myminionswillserveme.Theywillalllaughwithme.

Me: Not if I can fucking electrocute you into a cutout.

SM: Silencedownsman.Iwilltakemyleave.

I think I fell asleep and ended up with a box with a keypad, with a scribble of Slender Shit on the wall. I counted the first lettters of each color name on the drawing. I entered 21623 into the keypad. The chest opened and out came a distorted version of "Welcome to the Family" from the musical Oliver!. Must've been intended for Yggdrasil, because it had drawings of him and Toothpick, along with a large Operator Symbol carved into the bottom. The chest also contained a shaving razor, which I think was for murdering me. Luckily I threw it away after looking at the contents.

I'll talk to you later. -Liam, NAPPA.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sucsess. For once.

My hallucinations have decreased, and I'm trying to go to Seattle to meet Avalesca. I'm currently driving to Boston to get back Yggdrasil, if he's not turned into a fucking bonfire by now, considering he's running away from a heavily guarded proxy concentration camp. Then I'm going to try and find Tony and Cathy for a little project I'd call "Cherry Bomb" that involves frying Slender Shit with a car battery's volts. Sure, it sounds like the most dangerous idea ever, but screw it, I'm going to get my revenge for Johnny.

Driving to my supposed safe arrival in Boston, Liam.

Also, Stay Alive for Me, Yourself, and the proxies you'll kill.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, Why...

Yggdrasil's been kidnapped. I've been having the hallucination of a heavily mutilated Johnny, shuffling behind me., and Toothpick's been sending more proxies. I need to find someone who can save themselves. I'm driving to Boston right now. I'm getting a legion. I'm going to end this.

See you all soon. -Liam.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time for Plans!

Okay, guys. Yggdrasil's with me, leaving D.C., so I thought that I'm going to announce my plans to kick Slendy's sorry ass.

Using a recently bought car battery and some jumper cables, I'm going to give Slendy some voltage, then I'll climb on him and saw his tentacles off.

And some of you are going to ask about the proxies.

Easy. I'll kill them with my crowbar. Then continue sawing Slendy's arms.

It'll be a wave of pain to him.

And then I'll attach the cables to what's left and blast his suited ass to Kingdom Come.

It'll require a lot of skill, and endurance, to work. But hell, anything to get justice served for Johnny.

Best regards, Liam.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm here in D.C.
The best place in the US.
Like Yggdrasil ordered. I'm waiting in a library. Weapons in my van and reading the first part of the Odyssey.

I'm waiting . -Liam.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good news.

I'm coming to the USA.

Going to meet up with my good friend Yggdrasil and then plan a strategy to attack Slendy.

I'm going to give an update later. Sorry for the short update. Just thought this would be important.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm not dead yet, you proxy scum.

Shit...Johnny's been killed by Him. I should retell the events in his honor.

My hotel was burned down. I and Johnny ran across the roads, trying to search for my aunt's. But of course, some proxies grabbed us. I was completley stripped of my weapons, tied up and gagged. I was in a small playground in a stage like area. We were surrounded by Proxies and It stepped towards me. He grinned with his smug non existent face, mocking me and then began to kneel down, sending what seemed like an endless wave of black arms, human arms, from his back. He grabbed the ropes and untied them. My bag was only a few inches away. I ran for it and broke the hedge clippers into two daggers, coating them in a thick layer of substance. I charged at him and jumped on him, stabbing into his chest with intense force. A piercing siren like sound invaded my ears, whispers lost in it. Things like "FOOLISH" "PAIN WILL RETURN". Instead of attacking me, It grabbed Johnny with it's other arms, and ripped his appendages off. In layman's terms, he tore Johnny's goddamn arms and legs off, and jammed them into his back, covering them in darkness. Johnny was bleeding intensely, I knew I had to run. Save myself. So I ran away, my bag slung over my shoulders as I ran, crowbar in hand while I heard a hissing from behind me. I turned around. Fire. Fire was circling me. I saw It in the distance. It waved. All of it's arms. I leaped over the flames and charged head first into a convenience store, my shoes slowly burning off. The shopkeeper decided to call the cops and I ran again. The fire was gone. I looked back at the park, smoke surrounding it.  Then I realized I left my stolen iPad with Johnny, who typed the post before this one. He must've got it when we were tied up.

And now we go back to a big question. Where are you?

At my aunt's house. Luckily I found it after Johnny's death.

I told her what happened and all. So she's keeping me here until she can find time to take me home.

I hope I see you all later. Liam out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hum hum hum hum hum

I've seen things
-.-- --- ..- / -.-. .- -. .----. - / .... . .-.. .--.
I'm lost now
.. .----. -- / --. --- .. -. --. / - --- / -.. .. .
It's been fun
.-. ..- -.
The game is over
.-- .... -.-- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .. -. --. / - .... .. ...
-.-. .-. -.-- / ... --- -- . / -- -.--.- -..- -.--.- .-. .