Friday, February 25, 2011

Just to kick a guy in the head.

Yes. Yggdrasil fucking left for Slendershit. Right after I saved him from a horde of Proxies. I guess I should thank Slice too, he kicked some ass alright. But yet again, Yggdrasil left me for the murderer of my best friend. I shouldn't even have to comment on the outrageous bullshit of that decision 

Just remember this Yggdrasil, one day, I'm going to murder you with my bare damn hands. And the world will laugh with me. - Liam.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh goddamnit!

Proxies everywhere. Outside, inside,  banging on the fucking doors....Yggdrasil's unconscious, time to start a bloody massacre.....

I'll see you guys when I turn these bitches into pasta salad. -Liam.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well this is just amazing.

Recently made myself home in an hotel room, for the 11th fucking time. This is getting quite tedious, but yet I can't stop it or else I'll end up dead.

But now some more interesting things.

Yggdrasil had a nap earlier. I decided to listen to music when Slendertwat showed up to talk to me. Below is a transcript of my talk with him.

SM: ...

Me: Speak you dipshit.

SM: Youarenotbeingpolite,downsman.

Me: So now we have some nicknames.

SM: Whyareyousorude,downsman.

Me: Just...Stop. Can we please just call each other by our names.

SM: Whateveryouwish.

Me: So why talk to me? And why now?

SM: Becauseyouseektruth.TruthaboutJohnathan.

Me: Yes. For one, why'd you try to convert him?

SM: Becausehewouldendyouquicker.Youwouldnotmeetthehatchling.

Me: Wow. You can totally see that you failed terribly.

SM: Silence. Aslongasheiswithyou,youarestillatarget.Youkeephimstable.

Me: Okay.

SM: Ifhelostmemories,hewouldbemoreeasytoacsess.

Me: So now you're treating him like a fucking computer.

SM: Inaway, downsman.

Me: And you gave him tentacles of doom, why?

SM: Thesameyouaredoingtomyminions.

Me: Of course. To murder us Runners and Fighters.

SM: Youlearnquick,downsman. Cynthiaenjoysyou.

Me: I want to punch you so goddamn badly.

SM: Itwouldbeuseless. Unlessitwastorelievestress.

Me: Okay, I just want to ask you something. What are your plans for me?

SM: Toendyou. Simpleasthat. Oncethepreyaregone,Iwillreturntoclaimtheearth'sremaindersasmyown. Myminionswillserveme.Theywillalllaughwithme.

Me: Not if I can fucking electrocute you into a cutout.

SM: Silencedownsman.Iwilltakemyleave.

I think I fell asleep and ended up with a box with a keypad, with a scribble of Slender Shit on the wall. I counted the first lettters of each color name on the drawing. I entered 21623 into the keypad. The chest opened and out came a distorted version of "Welcome to the Family" from the musical Oliver!. Must've been intended for Yggdrasil, because it had drawings of him and Toothpick, along with a large Operator Symbol carved into the bottom. The chest also contained a shaving razor, which I think was for murdering me. Luckily I threw it away after looking at the contents.

I'll talk to you later. -Liam, NAPPA.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sucsess. For once.

My hallucinations have decreased, and I'm trying to go to Seattle to meet Avalesca. I'm currently driving to Boston to get back Yggdrasil, if he's not turned into a fucking bonfire by now, considering he's running away from a heavily guarded proxy concentration camp. Then I'm going to try and find Tony and Cathy for a little project I'd call "Cherry Bomb" that involves frying Slender Shit with a car battery's volts. Sure, it sounds like the most dangerous idea ever, but screw it, I'm going to get my revenge for Johnny.

Driving to my supposed safe arrival in Boston, Liam.

Also, Stay Alive for Me, Yourself, and the proxies you'll kill.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, Why...

Yggdrasil's been kidnapped. I've been having the hallucination of a heavily mutilated Johnny, shuffling behind me., and Toothpick's been sending more proxies. I need to find someone who can save themselves. I'm driving to Boston right now. I'm getting a legion. I'm going to end this.

See you all soon. -Liam.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time for Plans!

Okay, guys. Yggdrasil's with me, leaving D.C., so I thought that I'm going to announce my plans to kick Slendy's sorry ass.

Using a recently bought car battery and some jumper cables, I'm going to give Slendy some voltage, then I'll climb on him and saw his tentacles off.

And some of you are going to ask about the proxies.

Easy. I'll kill them with my crowbar. Then continue sawing Slendy's arms.

It'll be a wave of pain to him.

And then I'll attach the cables to what's left and blast his suited ass to Kingdom Come.

It'll require a lot of skill, and endurance, to work. But hell, anything to get justice served for Johnny.

Best regards, Liam.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm here in D.C.
The best place in the US.
Like Yggdrasil ordered. I'm waiting in a library. Weapons in my van and reading the first part of the Odyssey.

I'm waiting . -Liam.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good news.

I'm coming to the USA.

Going to meet up with my good friend Yggdrasil and then plan a strategy to attack Slendy.

I'm going to give an update later. Sorry for the short update. Just thought this would be important.