Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sometimes, I get lonely, knowing my family is looking for me while I'm driving off in a van that I stole. It's also funny about the ridiculous amounts of agents I have to run over before I can get to Calgary.

Let's see.....27 and counting.

No sightings of him yet. Just how I like it. I see plenty of wheat fields and trees, but not....well, him.

I feel better already. Well, I'll post later on this stolen iPad.-Liam


  1. Least when this is over you're going to have family to return to. How's Johnny still lucid? Since he didn't go to it willingly he probably wouldn't still be 'normal' if he was hallowed out, still better safe that sorry, yeah? Also, if you're moving east and end up in the Maritimes make sure to update I'll take 'ya in for a bit.

  2. Liam...are you SURE those are agents? Look man, there's been a lot of....self imposed denial lately, on my part and others. I don't want to find out that you're running over innocent people/

  3. @Serenity Perhaps. Seeing as I'm a thousand or so miles away from Red Deer. I might, given the opportunity to hop on board a ferry.

  4. @zero So what? They won't have to suffer the consequences of this goddamn torture called being Hunted. In fact, I like to think that I'm making the world better.

  5. I admit that. But it's better than being killed, now is it?