Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well isn't he pleased as punch.

The Canadian It has been more active. And my parents have been taking hours of my money to replace the windows he broke.

From what I've learned from my parents, my grandparents on my Irish father's side told him tales of the Fear Lámh , who was the original Irish /Construct/ who followed Irish settlers to Canada. Prime aspects of the lore is that he hunted whoever he pleased, and did away with them. 

Other than that, nothing is really vital. I have gotten some substance, which I jarred for later confrontations. I'm thinking of using a set of hedge clippers, dipped in the stuff, to fight him.

And now he's looking at me through my fence.

I'll give some more info tonight or tomorrow.


  1. I'd say you're a wacko for wanting to fight that thing, but then again you're part Irish, and for all I know about the Irish, they tend to respond to most threats with asskicking.

  2. @Pete It's not the fact that I'm Irish, but that this fucker has ruined my house, for Christ's sakes.

  3. and yet he doesn't just slenderport inside or climb in through a window


    it's like, he has to break down your house to get down your sanity or defenses first.

    He doesn't always do this though, must be your interpretation of him. Still it gives options I think.

  4. @zero I guess so. Because of the fact that he's only broken half of my house, and I've been strong (psychologically), he's been holding back.