Saturday, November 20, 2010

On The Road to Nowhere

Johnny has been feverish lately, and I'm thinking he's becoming Hallowed. If anything, I should try to save him before it's too late. And by that, I mean killing him.

What should I do....
I'm in my Uncle's house, typing this out as Agents are out looking for us.

Oh god, they're here. Time to dive out the window.



  1. Kill your friend?! No, there's a cure!

    Good luck on evading Agents... I just wish there was more I could do to help.

  2. whoa whoa whoa. we have a possible temp cure, Liam.

    Greenlight mentioned it, give it a shot before killing anyone.

    Let's see... 3 glasses of water, all filled with table salt, and green or blue food coloring. Have something made of marble in the bottom of each cup, then put it under your pillow, sleep with it for 3 mights, he said it'll help for a few months,

    weird, I know, but he knows more than I do. I've done it myself, but I can't attest to anything yet, hasn't been 3 days.