Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Status Report.

Things are looking up.

It's been weaker than before.

I can only assume it's a) waiting until my defenses are low to give it's most powerful strike. B) It's going to use it's full arsenal at the final confrontation.

If it's either a, or b, well, who cares. I'm going to die against this crazy thing so let it be.

And of course, he's staring at me through my window.

I'm going to go listen to my MP3, loaded with Cage the Elephant.




  1. Don't despair. We're here for you.

  2. @Nessa That's nice, I've got to admit. But I'm starting to plan out my battle, and it's going not so well.

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't around the past few days, enlighten me, what is happening? I want to be able to help, if only from here...

    wish I could be everywhere... /sigh

  4. @zero He's holding back intentionally for the final encounter. He's going to bring several agents with him. I can sense it.

  5. leave, dude, get out, don't die a frickin martyr. This thing is coming to a head soon, it's got to, stay ahead of him, run, follow the rules. but you're not going to listen to that I think. So. remember agents can be hurt as normal people. don't barricade yourself to the degree that you can't have two exits if the house gets put on fire. and have a fire extinguisher in hand in case he shows.

    good luck Liam

  6. Oh there ain't no rest for the wicked,
    Until we close our eyes for good.