Friday, February 25, 2011

Just to kick a guy in the head.

Yes. Yggdrasil fucking left for Slendershit. Right after I saved him from a horde of Proxies. I guess I should thank Slice too, he kicked some ass alright. But yet again, Yggdrasil left me for the murderer of my best friend. I shouldn't even have to comment on the outrageous bullshit of that decision 

Just remember this Yggdrasil, one day, I'm going to murder you with my bare damn hands. And the world will laugh with me. - Liam.


  1. Uh, Liam, dear? I won't laugh.

  2. Oh calm the fuck down. I only left to get you and the others some resting time. I already SAID, we were not cool.

    First chance I get he's fucking biting the dust.

    You can murder me if you want, got nothin' to live for ANYWAY.

  3. Liam, Ron just reported in that Slice has disappeared. He's out looking for him right now.

  4. Shut up, Black Leaf. You're not helping me plan to help Morningstar murder Yggdrasil. If you were, then speak up. -Liam.