Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm here in D.C.
The best place in the US.
Like Yggdrasil ordered. I'm waiting in a library. Weapons in my van and reading the first part of the Odyssey.

I'm waiting . -Liam.


  1. Trust me, brotha, DC is a piece of shit when it comes to just about everything. First of all, the traffic is atrocious. Second, the people are lackadaisical and stone-hearted; and third, the scumbags at Capitol Hill run the Black King out of the deathless, unnatural horror business in a jiffy!

    Good luck to you and your buddies in taking this fucker out. My support's with you guys, even if I ain't.

    Brushing up on some related literature,

  2. We got together but yeah I agree Snore De Bliss, growing up here I KNOW it sucks.

  3. ...first off, give hug to yggy for me.

    second. ramble begin: FUCKYOUBRUDER!!!WHATTHEFUCKINGHELL?!?! the bastard made it so i cant follow anyone new. dont know how, but it happened. the bastard....

    third. what are you guys planning?

  4. Alright, we're leaving D.C NOOC.

    As for the bruder thing: He's such an ASShole.

    Third: Liam wants to kick Slendy's ASS. I want to make sure Cyn's alright, and the best way to do that is to find a way to take out Slenderfuck.