Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well this is just amazing.

Recently made myself home in an hotel room, for the 11th fucking time. This is getting quite tedious, but yet I can't stop it or else I'll end up dead.

But now some more interesting things.

Yggdrasil had a nap earlier. I decided to listen to music when Slendertwat showed up to talk to me. Below is a transcript of my talk with him.

SM: ...

Me: Speak you dipshit.

SM: Youarenotbeingpolite,downsman.

Me: So now we have some nicknames.

SM: Whyareyousorude,downsman.

Me: Just...Stop. Can we please just call each other by our names.

SM: Whateveryouwish.

Me: So why talk to me? And why now?

SM: Becauseyouseektruth.TruthaboutJohnathan.

Me: Yes. For one, why'd you try to convert him?

SM: Becausehewouldendyouquicker.Youwouldnotmeetthehatchling.

Me: Wow. You can totally see that you failed terribly.

SM: Silence. Aslongasheiswithyou,youarestillatarget.Youkeephimstable.

Me: Okay.

SM: Ifhelostmemories,hewouldbemoreeasytoacsess.

Me: So now you're treating him like a fucking computer.

SM: Inaway, downsman.

Me: And you gave him tentacles of doom, why?

SM: Thesameyouaredoingtomyminions.

Me: Of course. To murder us Runners and Fighters.

SM: Youlearnquick,downsman. Cynthiaenjoysyou.

Me: I want to punch you so goddamn badly.

SM: Itwouldbeuseless. Unlessitwastorelievestress.

Me: Okay, I just want to ask you something. What are your plans for me?

SM: Toendyou. Simpleasthat. Oncethepreyaregone,Iwillreturntoclaimtheearth'sremaindersasmyown. Myminionswillserveme.Theywillalllaughwithme.

Me: Not if I can fucking electrocute you into a cutout.

SM: Silencedownsman.Iwilltakemyleave.

I think I fell asleep and ended up with a box with a keypad, with a scribble of Slender Shit on the wall. I counted the first lettters of each color name on the drawing. I entered 21623 into the keypad. The chest opened and out came a distorted version of "Welcome to the Family" from the musical Oliver!. Must've been intended for Yggdrasil, because it had drawings of him and Toothpick, along with a large Operator Symbol carved into the bottom. The chest also contained a shaving razor, which I think was for murdering me. Luckily I threw it away after looking at the contents.

I'll talk to you later. -Liam, NAPPA.


  1. Forgive my earlier lack of clarity. I intended "focus on your task. Look to the black leaves when what is in front of you has been overcome, but not before."

  2. Hey, Liam, would you mind a talk over private lines, like email? Since there are going to be at least four of us in Boston, want to try to meet up at some point? But let's say where on the blogs.