Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, Why...

Yggdrasil's been kidnapped. I've been having the hallucination of a heavily mutilated Johnny, shuffling behind me., and Toothpick's been sending more proxies. I need to find someone who can save themselves. I'm driving to Boston right now. I'm getting a legion. I'm going to end this.

See you all soon. -Liam.


  1. If you ever come down South find me. Find me, I'll help you.

  2. but whatever you do, dont get Legion, or a lesion.

    i hear lesions suck and Legion is just... you know... 1000 demons that work with a single mind.

    ....or was it 10000.....

    anyway, good luck dude.

  3. Go to Boston, I can take care of myself until I can meet you there. I'm going to fucking get out of here, locked door or not.