Monday, February 14, 2011

Sucsess. For once.

My hallucinations have decreased, and I'm trying to go to Seattle to meet Avalesca. I'm currently driving to Boston to get back Yggdrasil, if he's not turned into a fucking bonfire by now, considering he's running away from a heavily guarded proxy concentration camp. Then I'm going to try and find Tony and Cathy for a little project I'd call "Cherry Bomb" that involves frying Slender Shit with a car battery's volts. Sure, it sounds like the most dangerous idea ever, but screw it, I'm going to get my revenge for Johnny.

Driving to my supposed safe arrival in Boston, Liam.

Also, Stay Alive for Me, Yourself, and the proxies you'll kill.


  1. Yeah, you're getting a picture. Just don't get yourself killed. If you find YC, tell him hello from me. Be careful, and Happy Valentine's day.

  2. There's a Fighter coming to Boston? Yay. If you see a guy dressed in all black and wearing a white comedy mask. Cap his ass, will you? That's Black Leaf.

  3. Liam, I'm heading into Boston again too.

    We should meet up.

    Hell, I don't know you very well, but another guy who isn't at the beck and call of an eldritch abomination sounds good to me.

  4. @Ron Just passed someone like that in my van, beat the snot out of him with my crowbar and then stomped on his ribs. Talking about "Savor fate" or some shit. Either way, he's pretty hurt. -Liam, NAPPA.

  5. Liam? From Canada?
    This is either a huge coincidence, or something's conspiring to get everyone I know involved in this shit.
    Steve here, or at least that's what I'm going by. Slender bastard's bugging you, too?

  6. Well, it couldn't have been Black Leaf, because that bastard sat at my bedside while I slept and used my computer. Take a look at my blog's latest entry. Apparently I'm beyond helping.

  7. hiD font got

    aBack felL.

    sank know stUn.

  8. Cerberus. You're message is a mess.

    "DBILU"? What's that supposed to mean? What are you, some washed up totheark who randomly blurts out cryptic messages? Either way, you're not really important right now. I just ran over a proxy I'm too relieved to care.

  9. Actually, I think the capitols are supposed to the first letters of his scrambled sentences.

    Hey, Liam, you okay, man? I just woke up after lost time with blood on my knife.