Monday, February 7, 2011

Time for Plans!

Okay, guys. Yggdrasil's with me, leaving D.C., so I thought that I'm going to announce my plans to kick Slendy's sorry ass.

Using a recently bought car battery and some jumper cables, I'm going to give Slendy some voltage, then I'll climb on him and saw his tentacles off.

And some of you are going to ask about the proxies.

Easy. I'll kill them with my crowbar. Then continue sawing Slendy's arms.

It'll be a wave of pain to him.

And then I'll attach the cables to what's left and blast his suited ass to Kingdom Come.

It'll require a lot of skill, and endurance, to work. But hell, anything to get justice served for Johnny.

Best regards, Liam.


  1. And before the wifi's gone lemme just say, this is a kick ass van.

  2. Good luck. Hope you stay alive (and on our side).